Yeast overgrowth

This yeast questionnaire lists symptoms and other factors most commonly found in people suffering from Yeast Overgrowth.  Give yourself one point for every question you answer "YES" and compare your total score below.

Do you have fatigue?
Do you feel lethargic?
Do you have recurrent vaginal yeast infections?
Have you taken antibiotics multiple times during your life?
Do you have abdominal bloating, cramping or gas?
Do you have indigestion or heartburn?
Do you have abnormal bodily reactions to wine, beer or alcoholic beverages, such as flushing, headache, sinus congestion or itchy skin?
Do you crave sugar or bread products?
Do you have difficulty concentrating?
Do you have depressed moods?
Do you develop skin rashes or hives?
Do you have athlete’s foot?
Do you have jock itch?
Do you have rectal itching?
Do you have fungal infections under the toenails or fingernails?
Do you have allergy symptoms?
Do you have recurrent respiratory infections?
Do you have joint pain?
Do you have muscle pain?


If your total score is less than 9 points, it is not likely that you have yeast overgrowth. Scoring between 10-16 points indicates yeast overgrowth is a possibility. A score above 16 points would suggest that yeast overgrowth is very likely.